Activities for Individuals

Healing Roots facilitates a discussion every month for our Learning Community at the Midtown Global Market in South Minneapolis at 920 East Lake Street. Participants at each meeting pick the topic and the date for the next meeting. (We have found that choosing one regular day of the week always leaves someone out, so the day of the week varies.) Everyone is welcome. For some topics, we invite people to do some research beforehand to share, but that is not a prerequisite. There is no charge for attending.

We choose topics on modern European American culture or whiteness, particularly to build our skills at facilitating discussions and educating others about what needs to be transformed for an equitable, just, and healthy society, We may also choose topics to learn about our root cultures and draw resources from them to replace whiteness, for health and healing, and to add richness and meaning to our lives.

European American Learning Community

Topic for Discussion: Second of a Three-part Series: How can we take action to dismantle whiteness?

Monday, March 25, 2019
6:30 - 8:00 pm

Midtown Global Market
920 East Lake Street, Minneapolis
Please note: Check back closer to the time for the exact location.

Having a healthy cultural identity supports us to take action in response to incidents that reinforce the system of race and whiteness. How do we help to create space for learning, self-reflection, and transformation in the face of these incidents?

If we are going to effectively act to dismantle whiteness, we need to understand what “whiteness” means to those of us labelled “white.” What leads people to hold so tightly to whiteness? How does this help us to understand how to transform the patterns of action that create whiteness?

Join us for this three-part discussion.

In session 1 we asked: What does being "white" and "whiteness" mean to people who are racialized as white? We talked about how whiteness means different things to different people and is often conflated with culture. Whiteness, in many ways, distances us from a sense of culture. Some people associate whiteness with Western culture and European American culture -- some with positive characteristics and others with the history of oppression. Some people see whiteness as an institution which is, at its core, about superiority and power.

Session 2: How does whiteness operate in our institutions and our mainstream culture? Where does it show up in our lives? In discussions, how do we help people to come to a common understanding of what is meant by the term?

Session 3: in April (Date TBD)
How can we transform and heal these patterns of whiteness?

European American Identity and Culture Workshop

Next workshop will be held in Spring of 2019. (Date TBD)
Send in your name (below) if you would like to attend.

Cost $50

Scholarships are available

In this 6 hour workshop, we explore whiteness, modern European American culture, and our root cultures as dimensions of our identity.

We ask such questions as:

  • What are the characteristics of European American culture?
  • What is a healthy cultural identity? How does knowledge of your culture inform your work in communities of many cultures?
  • How does knowledge of your culture help you to be in healthy relationship to those of other cultures?

Contact Janice Barbee at for more information.