What We Do

Our Vision

Community with Diversity

Healing Roots provides an effective, comprehensive, and compassionate process for understanding whiteness, working respectfully across culture, and being an agent of positive change.


  • Groups of professionals wanting effective tools for working across culture
  • Organizations wanting trainings on structural racism or European American culture
  • Individuals of European heritage looking for healthy ways to understand their cultural identity and be effective agents of social change.

Our Goals

  • Develop ways for our society to maintain our different cultural identities while appreciating and respecting each other
  • End racism and the privileging of "whiteness"
  • Support European Americans to develop healthy and authentic identities
  • Appreciate and utilize the leadership and resources of people of diverse cultures

Our Approach

To study and teach others about:

  • The social construction of whiteness – its history, how it produces structural racism, and what European Americans have lost because of it
  • Our present culture – to perceive our cultural lens, and to avoid normalizing our own ways of knowing
  • Our cultural roots – to discover healthy resources not tied to colonialism or oppression
  • Ways of working between cultures that are respectful and replace the dominant systems and protocols that uphold structural racism
  • Ways to support healing for all peoples from the historical trauma that racism and oppression have produced.

“We know what we are working against – we know we want to eliminate racism from the world, but what are we working for? What does a world look like where everyone belongs?”